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eyeful_ofbeauty's Journal

Think you're Attractive?
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Eyeful of Beauty is a rating community based on having fun and rating people based on their looks and personality....but more on looks! So go ahead and apply if you think your attractive. We rate at our best♥

The mods run the community and all of the activities and are here to help out all the members.

1. Stamped Members please write
"yes" or "no" in the subject line,
then add your reason.

2. No Nude Pictures.

3. Please be involved with the
community or you'll get deleted.

4. Participate in the Contest,
Theme, Question of the Month,
Scavenger Hunt, Beauty of the
Month and Reject of the Month.

5. Make all posts FRIENDS ONLY or
else it will just be deleted.

6. If you’are going on a hiatus,

7. Be extremely and brutally honest,
but racism or any insults like that
will get you banned, no questions

8. Be sure to vote on every

9. We’ll be giving you 2 days to
vote on new applicants, if you
didnt reach those 2 days.. oops,
Too bad!

10.Must post a promotion banner
in your journal. (Public)

11. Have fun, you guys! :)

1. Fill out an application within 48
hours of joining

2. Must post a promotion banner in
your journal.(Public)

3. Please write "I think I'm
attractive" in the subject line and
"..ehh, we'll see about that!" on
the LJ cut so we know you read
the rules.

4. Applicants should not reply back to
the members' votes, unless questioned.

5. Delete your app and you will be

6. Add the community to your friends
page. Why do you want to join if
your not even interested with whats
going on in the comminty?

7. Our app asks for a Salute pic, so
please give one. *a Salute pic is
when you hold a sign and that sign
consists of your LJ username @

8. No arguing or fighting/ Calling people
names/ Being rude and immature.
9. Make all posts FRIENDS ONLY or else it
will just be deleted.

10. You'll be given 2 days before we
accept or reject you.

11. You are not allowed to comment in
any stamped members post or any
other application besides yours.

12. Did I mention FRIENDS ONLY?

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So go earn them!

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